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This Week LifeStyle In Luxury Motorcoach


What kind of people sell multi-million-dollar Luxury Motorcoaches?


World-class luxury awaits as you board a Millennium Luxury Coach. Lavishly appointed with rare imported Italian stone, each coach features top-grain leather captain’s chairs and rich, exotic burl wood all hand-selected to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients. The warm glow from the ornate wall sconces accentuates the rich luster of handcrafted mahogany cabinets, all wearing their own custom designed piece of jeweled hardware inlayed with Swarovski crystals. With handlaid, cascading tile mosaic showers and granite floors with radiant heating to avoid frosty first morning steps, there are no compromises, nothing has been spared.

Evelyn and Nelson Figueroa in Lake Mary Life MagazineThe list of amenities is staggering, and the available combinations of appointments and optional features are nearly infinite. The ability to run the coach nearly to its electrical limits, miles from the nearest electrical hookup, using only the clean, silent power of its eight marine-grade batteries and four 3,500-watt inverters is a small detail, perhaps, but in a class of high-luxury product where beauty and quality are guaranteed, it’s the subtle but significant differences in livability that quickly separate one coach converter from another. To truly appreciate the production design and attention to electrical engineering detail that allows a Millennium Luxury Coach to do what so many other multi-million-dollar coaches cannot, you’ll have to venture into the mind of its engineer, President and founder Nelson Figueroa, who with his wife, Evelyn, have set out to revolutionize the Prevost conversion industry.

Nelson and Evelyn have been rooted in the luxury coach, yacht and aviation industries for more than 20 years. Known for pushing the envelope, their hands-on, custom approach is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Even today, as Millennium now employs more than 50 men and women at its 100,000-square-foot sales and production facility in Sanford, Florida, Nelson prefers the grease and sweat of working elbow-deep in the underside of a coach to any kind of posh owner’s office. Meanwhile, Evelyn keeps the business running smoothly while spearheading the design and materials selection for the new coaches Millennium builds and sells each year. The combination of a die-hard engineer and a style-conscious businesswoman has led to tremendous growth and success at Millennium. Your “home away from home” should have all the comforts you expect to find at home. Each Millennium Luxury Coach is equipped with a Lutron home-automation operating system that provides fluid, reliable control with seamless connectivity. This sophisticated, hi-leel integration allows for complete user control. Change the channel, adjust the air conditioning or lower the shades all at the touch of a button from the comfort of your armchair. Transform your space and your mood with custom lighting programs, all easily tailored to your preferences. Add one-button touch features to set your favorite music station or adjust the temperature, and the stage has been set for you… the star of the show. “Here at Millennium, we believe making a coach livable requires a radical technique: we spend time living in the coaches we build. It’s as simple as that, but it makes all the difference,” Evelyn explains. 

“Whenever we are designing or building something new in one of our coaches, whether it’s a new electrical sub-system or arrangement of the kitchen or bath, we take a coach out during the conversion process and live in it for a few days. By the time we get back, we know that this electrical outlet should be in a different place, or the closet should be this much wider, or if we design the control system a little differently, an owner can accomplish a common task in one step instead of three. These are things that you’ll never discover by looking at the diagrams or piecing the coach together in the shop. Until you actually put your family in it and use it just like an owner will, you’ll never be able to design and build it to a level where the owner will feel totally at home. Owners may never understand exactly why our coach just feels so much more comfortable and livable than others, but we do, because we discovered and created those differences ourselves.” It’s in these areas, one subtlety at a time, that Millennium Luxury Coaches has earned its reputation for excellence and an unmatched degree of livable comfort among the growing community of high-end coach owners.

Personal Service and Support
The personal service and support extended to each coach and to each owner is also why Millennium has quietly become one of Prevost’s most valued converters. “We’ve taken the Lutron system one step further by combining it with a persistent, over-the-air, high-speed Internet connection built into every coach,” says Nelson. “While parked at a campsite, or even driving down the road, a Millennium coach’s systems can be monitored, controlled, and even repaired from any Web-enabled device, including the computers in the Millennium service department in Sanford. Also, Millennium’s iPhone app allows complete control of your coach, even when you’ve had to leave it behind. Using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or laptop computer, you can control the Lutron system remotely. If you forgot to turn on your generator’s auto start feature, for example, just remotely log-in and adjust settings. Better still, call one of our helpful technicians and we can make the adjustment for you.”Making residential amenities and technology roadworthy takes another dose of innovation, particularly with regard to weight. Millennium Luxury Coaches prides itself on building the lightest coaches in its class while packing in higher-quality materials and more features than the competition. The dichotomy is possible thanks to Millennium’s experience in avionics and the luxury yacht industry. Just as in boats and planes, every ounce of weight in Millennium coaches is scrutinized, and the company has created some intriguing techniques to keep the weight off while
building more luxury in. Millennium uses a custom milling process for every square-foot of granite in its coaches. The proprietary procedure creates a layer of granite much thinner (and lighter) than what is found in homes or other coaches. The stone is then backed with fiberglass for durability before it is finished and installed. Because so much weight is saved in the milling, granite is not just reserved for countertops in Millennium coaches. Full shower enclosures and entire floors can be done in granite as well, a feat that is impossible in other coaches. Other weight-saving tactics include the use of a specially imported Italian poplar for all of the cabinetry in a Millennium coach. The much-lighter poplar is then faced with genuine burl wood, never laminate — another Millennium signature. Less weight means better fuel economy, safer road handling, and ultimately a much more livable coach. There are no compromises. Nothing has been spared. The finest materials and custom design expertise go hand-in-hand at Millennium

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