Friday, April 19, 2013

Greyhound Employee's Bid to First Group

Greyhound Employee's Bid to Take Over Greyhound Canada :

Greyhound Canada Employee's - Calgary, Alberta Canada - Well 46 million dollars later we may get something done with the right ownership group along with corporate sponsorship . we have hired a Commercial Lawyer and things are slowly rolling. please be patient and meetings will be in the near future regarding the ownership and what the purchase price will be from First Group. following any information or ideas regarding this.

I would let people know once and if this ever happens  as far as a serious bid was put forth on the rights and ownership of Greyhound Canada. Also too First Group is a massive corporation so again getting questions is a huge obstacle. That being said the right people and investment group would have to be in place and for First Group willing to sell hard to find financial numbers and what its worth considering Greyhound Canada has been in trouble since 1997 with Greyhound Air.

 The owners shares program has obvious hit some snags along the way including any financial records that are held out of operations in Canada, however out of Calgary we are slowly trying to get answers and have a set plan in the near future. We have been in contact with private owners and agents in Alberta. Ridership must get better along with working conditions along with customer service which has been lacking for years. I can't stress enough that this company deserves a better fate. We must split ties with First Group along with Greyhound USA in order to move forward. So again please be patient it has been almost a year now since the Ownership Employee Format has surfaced. Our team out of Calgary have not given up just need answers !! everyone is too afraid to speak due to Greyhounds cowardly way of firing people for little problems they don't care if you've been with the company for 20 years its the easy way out !! revenue isn't the issue its the hidden numbers we have to find and get First Group audited to see where the money is being dispersed. -RS Greyhound Canada Employee's

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