Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Improved Megabus Is Being Launched



Megabus Gold - Stagecoach Glasgow SF13FMC 

Pictured in Stagecoach London's West Ham Garage on 17/04/13 is brand new Stagecoach Glasgow Megabus Gold Van Hool coach SF13FMC (although not carrying any 'plates at the time) seen having just arrived in Stagecoach London's West Ham Garage for the first time.
There will be 10 of these brand new Megabus Gold coaches to replace the articulated coaches currently in use and expand the sleeper coach network. Unlke the artics these double deckers are convertible for both day and night use.
The coach had arrived at West Ham to be prepared for the launch of the Megabus Gold brand at the O2 the following day.

The new Megabus – now featuring beds and onesies

Anyone who has ever experienced a sleepless night on the Glasgow to London Megabus, listening to an empty can of Tennents Super rolling around the aisle, will be delighted to know that a new improved Megabus is being launched – with BEDS.

Sir Brian Souter 300x193 The new Megabus – now featuring beds and onesiesCustomers using the new sleepercoaches, serving 11 Scottish cities, will also get a toothbrush, eyemask and (KILL ME NOW) a branded Megabus onesie included in the ticket price.
Stagecoach, owners of the Megabus enterprise, yesterday unveiled their new £5m fleet, which will take passengers from both Edinburgh and Glasgow to London in 7 hours 50 minutes.
Owner Sir Brian Souter, (who was once a vocal supporter of homophobic legislation Clause 28), modelled the super camp onesie for its launch, and tried to make it seem cool by saying:

‘It used to be just popstars that had beds on board their tour buses, now everyone can benefit from a comfortable, great value overnight journey.’

So basically, you can lie down in a slow, rumbling tin can all night dressed like a baby while someone called Tam across the aisle sticks his willy out of the zipper and pees into an empty bottle of Buckfast.

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