Thursday, May 2, 2013

Safety Investigators and Border Inspectors

New safety investigators and border inspectors start FMCSA careers at a critical time for motorcoach safety

Today, our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration welcomed 16 investigators and 9 border inspectors as the newest members of our safety family. The 25 men and women are new graduates of the National Transportation Center Academy in San Marcos, Texas, and we are glad to have them join us.
The training these graduates received will help them fit right in with FMCSA's mission to protect the lives of the motoring public by improving the safety of commercial vehicles and their drivers. FMCSA pursues this mission by setting a high safety standard and preventing violators of those standards from operating on our nation's roadways.

FMCSA Inspector

And that's where investigators and inspectors come in. Over the past few months, FMCSA has shut down nearly a dozen motorcoach operators and seven interstate trucking companies. Those out-of-service orders that are protecting Americans from high-risk carriers and drivers are the direct result of hardworking inspectors and safety investigators.
It's simple; Americans deserve to share the road with commercial vehicles and drivers that are safe. That's why FMCSA, along with its state partners, is in the field keeping unsafe drivers, vehicles, and carriers off the road, and making our highways safer. Night and day, Federal and state inspectors and investigators have your back on commercial motor vehicle safety.

Inspecting a curbside bus

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