Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Greyhound Operator's Job Description


From Midwest, USA —

 Been a Greyhound coach operator (bus driver) for a year now and I love somethings and hate others.

PAY ~~~ 2010 - Starting $18.00+ and Top around $22.50. New contract was just passed so pay might be a little more depending on when you read this. Now matter what city you work out of all drivers are paid the same in city. The pay is kind of tricky that $18.00 is while you are driving and you are paid protection rate (which is half pay) while you pre-trip, post trip, ride on the bus or pretty any time when you are not driving.

RESPECT ~~~ I have worked from a few different cities (boards) and all the supervisors and co-workers I had were great. They treated me with respect and very helpful. For REAL! Now on to the passengers ... Most are very respectful if the driver shows them respect but ofcourse their will be atleast 2 or 3 jackasses on every bus load.

Benefits ~~~ They are ok I guess. You got your medical, dental, vision, 401k which the company matches up to $3,000 a year or something like that. You and your family can ride Greyhound bus for free. At a lot of the meal stops on bus routes they feed the driver for free.

Job Sercurity ~~~~ Seems pretty good. When I 1st started working for Greyhound a lot of senior drivers told you are the only person that can fire you from Greyhound. Just don't steal money are damage their busses.

Work/Life ~~~~ Awful just awful if you Are on the extraboard but it's pretty good if you have a regular run. When you are new you have to work the extraboard. When kind of mean you are on call 24/7. I don't k ow know when I'm going to work or where I'm going to drive to.

Career Growth ~~~~ Not much. You can become a supervisor or terminal manager and that's pretty much it.

Work Enviromental ~~~ Most of the stations are located in the worst part of downtown. A lot of the busses are beat up and old. Duct taped up and ghetto rigged. In the summer the a/c might not be blowing cold enough and the winter the heat isn't blowing good enough. If you drive to some cities you have go to sleep in Greyhound driver dorms. Most of the dorms are crappy almost like jail cells but most cities you go to a nice hotel like holiday Inn or Ramada.

Location ~~ I can work from any main city in the USA if I want to. That's pretty good I think.

All in all I like my job at Greyhound. For the most part the company treats me very well and the job itself is pretty fun. Get to meet a lot of different people and if you are a single man you get a lot women. Trust me on that!!!

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