Wednesday, January 23, 2013

....MCI introduces 2013 J4500 coach....

MCI introduces 2013 J4500 coach

MCI, Schaumburg, IL, debuted the 2013 model of its J4500 coach, touting improved safety features and new style changes. The company says the coach has been redesigned for heightened curb appeal and a more elevated presence.
The Greyhound Group
Peter Pan Bus Lines, Boston, MA, liked the concept from the start and will be the first to take delivery of the 2013 J4500 off the assembly line this fall.
For the coach’s design MCI turned to BMW Group Designworks USA, which led the designs of the E4500 and J4500. Designworks engineers collaborated with MCI engineers, who turned to current J4500 customers for input.  Chief among customer criteria: a coach that has “presence” and “curb appeal.” MCI also wanted to increase the coach’s safety and reliability.
“The redesign gave us the opportunity to make several key improvements to the lighting, body bumpers and serviceability,” said Brent Danielson, the MCI engineering team leader.  “We think customers are going to find the 2013 J4500 a welcome addition to their fleets.”
The high-style high and low beam headlamps, now serviceable from outside the coach, are brighter with full LEDs set in stainless steel to resist corrosion and sealed to reduce wind and air intrusion. The ID, clearance and marker lights are higher as well to enhance visibility. The new front and rear bumpers are significantly more durable.
The J4500 comes equipped with safety technologies like electronic stability control along with upgraded tire-pressure monitoring and fire-suppression systems. The coach also features a multiplexing system carried over from MCI’s D-Series coaches.

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