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....GMC - Futurliner - Extremely Rare....

GMC   - 1939 - Futurliner - EXTREMELY RARE!

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN A PART OF HISTORY: GM Research Director Charles Kettering was touched by the outpouring of public interest in GM’s science and technology exhibit at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. He commissioned legendary GM designer Harley Earl to build 12 Futurliners to showcase new technologies across the country. Three have since been lost. They are dramatic streamlined vehicles each 11-feet-7-inches tall, 33-feet-long with a 20-foot wheelbase. Peter Pan Bus Lines has meticulously restored this particular unit by Peter Pan Coach Builders over a total of three years. The 400-horsepower leviathan is 33 feet long and just shy of 12 feet tall. When it was built for the 1939 New York World's Fair, it cost GM around $2 million in today's dollars. (Those of you with long memories may recall that a similar example shattered Barrett-Jackson records when it hammered at $4.1M in 2006). After the World's Fair, the 12 Futurliners toured the U.S. under the "Parade of Progress" banner, showing the nation the technology of, well, the future. Each bus opened up to display the science behind microwaves, jet propulsion and the like. This particular example was exhumed from a New York corn field in 1997 before being massaged back to life by Coach Builders of Springfield, Massachusetts. This is a very unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history that very seldom comes around. Any interested parties can contact Tom Packnally at Peter Pan Bus Lines or 413.781.2900 ext:1235

BusesOnline.comBusesOnline.comGeneral Information
Year: 1939
Manufacturer: GMC
Type: Miscellaneous
Model: Futurliner
Price: $3,000,000.00
Mileage: 54,000
Location: Springfield, MA

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Equipment details can be found here at Coach Builders website

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Seller's Name

Seller's Name
Name: Bruce Westcott

Seller's Phone
Phone 1: 413-781-2900
Phone 2: 413-326-1373

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