Sunday, August 11, 2013

Advoiding... " The Right Turn Squeeze "

Right turns are a frequent problem for trucks. Accidents can occur when other vehicles squeeze into the area along the right side of
your vehicle. The other vehicle may beat tempting to pass on the right or make a right turn. While the other vehicle may be at fault, defensive drivers must anticipate the errors of other drivers.

 Recognize that automobile drivers are constantly looking for ways to get around your truck. Assume they will make mistakes.

What is right turn squeeze?

Collisions with a vehicle attempting to pass on your right side
while you are attempting a right turn maneuver.Why is this a problem to be concerned about According to many insurance carriers, in over 90% of right turn squeeze situations either the
truck driver is cited for unsafe turning or without a citation
issued the trucking company still must pay for the damage to
the other vehicle.

What causes the problem?

Setting up wide or swinging too wide when making a right turn?
Failure to signal turn?

Other motorists not recognizing turn signals or setup for right turns of trucks?

Other motorists in too big of a hurry to pass the truck?  How can it be prevented?

Anticipate the turn. Set up for the turn, blocking the right side of your vehicle,so that cars cannot enter that area.

Check behind you. Monitor your mirrors as you approach your turn, so that you know what traffic is behind you.

Get in the proper lane as quickly and safely as you can before you turn. Atleast 10 feet before the turn. It is important to establish your position.

Use your turn signal and slow down. Communicate your intent to turn.

Keep the rear of the vehicle close enough to the right curb to keep vehicles out. Don’t allow the option to cut inside you, block the curb with your rear tires.

Stay within four feet of the curb, but avoid scraping or climbing the curb. Check your right mirror prior to and during your turn to make sure there are no small vehicles in the way. Wide shoulders and parking lanes may provide an opportunity for automobiles to sneak in. Beware of Sharp right turns around poles or into narrow drives that may cause you to swing wider than normal and give up your lane.

Make your turn slowly. Travel at a speed that allows you to monitor your mirrors and stop, if necessary.

Make your turn without crossing the center line of the street you are leaving and, if possible, not into the opposing traffic lanes of the road you are entering.

Where are some specific areas that may open up the possibility
of accidents with right hand squeeze?

Wide streets or streets with wide shoulders where cars try to cheat to get around us ?

Sharp right turns (possibly around poles when we have to cheat to the left prior to making the hard right turn) ?

Bike paths ?

Question for discussion -
1) Are there particular locations in our service area that present right turn squeeze hazards?
2) Where will our next accident occur?
Right turn squeeze or otherwise?
3) How can it be prevented?

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