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_____A Greyhound Family Tradition____


 The story really begins here.My Dad, Wesley Víctor Rose, started out driving Double Decker Transit buses in England in the mid fifties. Shortly after he made it to Toronto operating buses & subway cars for Toronto Transit. In 1960 he began driving for San Diego Transit, Three years later on May 21st 1963 he hired onto The Greyhound Lines.

   Wesley Víctor Rose started with Continental Trailways ten years later on May, 1973 after a falling out with Greyhound. This was right around the time James Kerrigan was the President of Greyhound before being let go, he was tapped for the position of President of Trailways. My Dad and I remembered  him from his time @ Trailways. Wesley Víctor Rose returned to The Greyhound Lines To this very day Wesley Víctor Rose continues to drive.He is presently working a 2 & 1 from San Diego, CA to Las Vegas, NV. and plans to retire on Greyhounds 100th Anniversary,  May 21st 2014

Michael Lido Rose

 This is me, Michael Lido Rose  when dad was working at Trailways, standing in front of a Silver Eagle @ Continental Trailways. OMG, my Dad did have a minor moment of separation from Greyhound. In 1973 he joined Continental Trailways out of San Diego, CA. I came onto the scene before the Greyhound-Trailways merger in 1987.
   As for my industrial backround, in addition to my traditional upcomings within the American Intercity Bus Industry, I began my employment with Greyhound Lines, Inc. on 11/09/98 as a Terminal Employee in San Diego,California. During this períod of employment I was represented as a member of The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local # 481 based in San Diego, CA. While employed with Greyhound Lines, Inc. I manned positions in Tickets, Baggage, GPX, and Car cleaning, all while attending High School.

Michael Lido Rose

My story began on April 20th,1984. It was my Fourth birthday and that was the day I decided what I wanted to do with my life. It's been over Twenty-Eight years since that first trip and within that time my Dad & I have experienced & endured strikes, which we honored, mergers, ownership changes, operational changes, union local changes, and massive industry changes.
   I remained with Greyhound Lines, Inc for Two years, In 2000 I left Greyhound to begin a proffesional driving career with Coach USA in San Diego. I spent Seven years with Coach USA and in 2007 I returned to The Greyhound Lines to drive with my Dad.

I am based out of San Diego, California. My seniority date is 02/04/07. I was the first Greyhound driver to be hired in 2007. I am Michael Lido Rose proudly keeping a tradition by following in my Dad's foot steps, Wesley Victor Rose A Greyhound Family Tradition.




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A Greyhound Family Tradition

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  1. This was most enjoyable to publish...Wyatt Olsen

  2. Michael - good story! I see your Dad plans to retire on Greyhound's 100th Anniversary, May 21st 2014. How did he know that was the date? I've been researching it and have never found the starting date of Greyhound!